In the Nordic Skiing activities, we develop different objectives, according to the needs and motivations of every student.
We can work continuously during the season, with activities during several weekends or one week for example. But we have also offers for days or hours.
For beginners, there is first an adaptation to the material and basic techniques to get autonomy along the tracks.
Then we focus on knowledge, coordination and execution of basic techniques and elemental steps in each style; and depending on the students preferences, once this knowledge is achieved, we can make classes to improve your style.

We work with different techniques depending on the style of your choise:


The skis slide parallelly. The ski scales or waxes, situated at the bottom of every ski, grip into the snow, so we can go forward.

The movements are natural, because it's very similar to walking or running. The poles help us to push and we ski along the traces prepared by snow plows.

Recommended for begginers, also for experts.


Skate skiing involves a decisive weight transfer onto one ski angled and then the other, supported by the inner edge of the ski on the snow, which looks similar to an ice skater.

As in classic skiing, transferring weight completely from one ski to the next is essential to learning to skate. Those who have learned to ice skate or rollerskiing may find ski skating technique easier to learn than classic skiing.

Inside every activity, we focus in educative work. This way we provide sustainable values for the environment and people.