"All around us, the sun lights up the summits, we felt the power of nature challenging and welcoming us.
The sight gets lost in the distance. We are just drops in the white vastness".


Outdoor activities, hiking and much nature.
We try to ensure that all participants in the different activities, have fun and learn about different ways to enjoy the nature safely with our proposals.
The beauty arround us and the challenge of moving in hills, canyons, walls, forests, lakes .... make the nature give us a great wellness, that we can get in group or individual activities, depending on your preference.
Respect the environment is our first project's objective, that develops in protected areas and mountain sites of great natural value.
In winter, nordic skiing (cross-country ski or backcountry) and winter hiking with or without snowshoes.
The itineraries we propose, are very simple and attractive. There are many possibilities, you choose the way to enjoy the snow.
In spring, summer and autumn, the activities of nature and mountain are always our proposal.
Natural environmental Interpretation and environmental education are our tools.

Anytime, come to enjoy the Pyrenees.