Environmental Education

Our essential goal is Environmental Education, we try to increase respect attitudes for the natural environment through direct contact with nature.

Through personal practices and experiences, we try to awaken the senses and evoke pleasant memories.

The Environmental Education knowledge is within all activities, but we also propose specific Environmental Education activities for groups and schools.

Half-days, weekends and green weeks where we play, enjoy and learn to respect and take care of nature.



We propose Micology activities, to enjoy and learn about mushrooms.

Picking, study and classification.

Discover the most representative species of wild mushrooms, applications, curiosities, etc.

In spring, summer and autumn, there´s a wonderfull and amazing world that we would love to show you.


Specific Thematic

In addition, we propose activities to discover the nature in the different seasons of the year; more general or specific according to your need, weekend courses, find with us the activitie that fits you.

Some of these specific themes are:

Alpine and Pyrenean Flowers,
landscape and Sustainable Development,